Flowers are ornaments, nature’s precious jewels. People grow flowers to inspire them, and they give them as a sign of appreciation, love, enjoyment and thanks.

“Leemas” translates from the Arabic as “sea blossom”. For ancient Arabic tribes who lived in hot deserts, the sea had a special metaphorical meaning. In those days, it was very easy to get lost in the desert and then only the sea could save a person. To see vapor rising off a body of water on the horizon and to come upon the seashore was the most incredible joy. It meant that he who was lost had a chance to find his way home.

The designer of LeemaS’ jewelry and ornaments, has found his sea. His sea is inspiration, one that is deep and impossible to fathom. Inspiration that brings his creatures to life, so that, like flowers, they are distinguished by their exquisite beauty and charming appeal.

LeemaS jewelry and ornaments reflect the magical rhythm of movement in lines interwoven with eccentric, airy forms. The key accent in the designs of the LeemaS collection is the combination of line and ornament with both white and colored diamonds, rubies, beryls, amethysts and other precious and semi-precious stones.